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Kent Stark Library Display: Native American Heritage Month (2015)

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Left side of the display for Native American Heritage Month

Interesting Reads!

November (2015)--Native American Heritage Month

November Display for Native American Heritage Month 2015

If  interested in doing research on Native Americans, the following link will take you to the National Archives section of American Indians and Alaskan Natives.  The National Archives allows searches to be conducted through their collection of Native American military records, pictures, and many other historical items.




The History Behind Native American Heritage Month

Curious to know more about the origins of Native American Heritage Month.  If so, then visit the site below which was created by the Library of Congress and other educational institutions.  The website not only highlights the inception of Native American Heritage Month, but also focuses on the cultural aspects of Native Americans such as music, food, and Native American art.

History of Sitting Bull

Image of Sitting Bull retrieved from


Learn more about this courageous man, his fight to protect his family, and his battle to save the traditions of Native Americans who lived on the Great Plains.  The History Channel is a great resource to find information about his life which includes pictures, videos, and speeches. Click the link above to learn more about Sitting Bull and his contributions to Native American history.

RIght side of the display for Native American Heritage Month

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