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Interpersonal and Communication Skills for Healthcare Professionals: Search Strategy

This guide is designed to help students in NURS 20010 learn about library resources and information literacy important to nurses and healthcare workers.

Search Strategy Workform

Information Literacy
Search Strategy Worksheet


Developing a Research Strategy

Use this page to develop your research strategy!

What do you want to know?

Write out your question or state your topic. . .




What are the main ideas?
What are the main ideas, or keywords, in the above question/or topic statement (separate each word or term with a comma)?
What are some similar words (synonyms) for the above keywords (separate each synonym with a comma)?
How can you combine these keywords/synonyms to get different results?

Strategy 1:

Strategy 2:

Strategy 3:


Click the button to highlight and select your last Search Strategy:

Click here to see a completed example of this exercise


Using an internet search engine like Google can be very useful and convenient. The problem is that there are no formal ways to distinguish between useful, reliable, and credible resources found on the "free" internet and those resources that may be biased and unreliable, in terms of providing good quality information.

Use Google to apply your search strategy

Finding Books

Finding Articles

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search