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Reflections of Service

An Online Multimedia Collection of Military Experiences

This interactive collection reflects how individuals experience military service--how if affects their lives. The concept is simple. Think of it as a collection of memories. It includes photographs or snapshots, moments frozen in time. Much like a scrapbook, it is a shared collection of memories from those who have served in our armed forces, or those connected to the service of others. There is no desire to create an online dialogue of viewpoints regarding the controversaries that often surround war. Instead, here you will find pictures, videos, uniforms, documents, artwork, etc. These are the reflections on how military service has affected our personal lives. The experiences are as diverse as the people who have contributed to the project.

Click on the names to the left to interact with those who served our country. Some contributions are from friends and family of those who have served and their names are listed in parentheses under the Contributors tab. Where provided, short profiles are included. Since this is an interactive collection, feel free to post comments or read comments posted by others.

If you would like to contribute to our project, please contact Rob Kairis at or Jeanne Hawley at