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Reflections of Service: Ely, Tom


I have been an Adjunct at the Stark Campus for 7 years.  I am a KSU Alumni having spent many of my college years at the Stark Campus and finishing at Main Campus.  I have my AS, BSE (Math Education) and MEd (Educational Technology) from KSU.  I used my GI Bill to accomplish most of these degrees.  I served in the USN from 1983 to 1998 and retired under the TERA program (part of downsizing the military).  My military job was High Pressure Boiler Operator so most of my assignments were aboard ship.  This also allowed me to travel extensively around the world including a tour where I lived in Gaeta Italy will on the 6th Fleet Flagship.  I have attached some photos of the 3 ships I served on: USS Reasoner FF-1063, USS Bagley FF-1069 and USS Belknap CG-26.  I was also involved with a combat operation called "Operation Praying Mantis" and information about this can be found at: and

USS Reasoner FF-1063
USS Bagley FF-1069

USS Belknap CG-26