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Technology Equipment: Faculty & Staff

This guide provides information about the equipment available to loan from the Stark Campus Library

Borrowing Information

You can check the availability of this equipment on KentLINK.

Borrowers: Faculty & staff
Loan period: 2 weeks (longer with permission from the Deans Office)
Restrictions: none

Contact Information

Stark Campus Library
(ext. 53330 on campus)


Information about this equipment



Model Number:

 Latitude 5400, 5500, etc.


 Laptop, power adapter, and mouse

Number for Loan:

 21 (2 Surface tablets and 1 Yoga Thinkpad)

These laptops can be checked out by faculty or staff for up to two weeks. If needed for a longer period of time, permission must be obtained from the dean's office. After being returned, the library will re-image the hard drive (wipe it clean) so that any information saved by the user is erased.