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Kent State Stark Library Book Club: January 2013


Jam day and time

Date: January 31, 2013

Time: 5:15

Location: Kent Stark Library Conference Room


Library Book Club Pick for January 2013

Jam Session Reads

Recommendations from Jam members



Elizabeth Kostova's engrossing debut novel, The Historian, is the culmination of ten years of research and a lifetime of imagining--since Kostova's girlhood, when her father entertained her with tales of Dracula, she has envisioned the story that would become The Historian. With her academic spirit and extraordinary talent, she's spun an intricate tale of sprawling mystery and suspense. Kostova graduated from Yale and holds an MFA from the University of Michigan, where she won the Hopwood Award for the Novel-in-Progress. Her second novel is The Swan Thieves.

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