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About Read-Alikes


So what do you do when you want to read a book and you love a particular author or series but you're not sure what is out there? You  look for a read alike. A read alike is a book (or series) that is similar to something that you  already like. The formula is fairly straightforward: If you like [insert: author, title, series name], then you may like ________.

Read-alikes are suggestions for readers by readers who enjoy the works of a particular author and would like to have recommendations of other authors that write in a similar style or genre. Keep in mind that individual judgments of writing styles will differ among readers and that these suggestions are selective. 

We have organized the read-alikes by genre and author to make it a little easier for you.

If there is a book that you have read and you want to find read-alikes for it but we don't have it listed here, just send an email to and we'll create some read-alikes for you. If you would like to have a book added to a list, send your request to the same email and we will add the title.

Happy Hunting!

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