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Oral History Guide: Sample Projects

Sample Projects

Peruse the following projects to see how others have created their oral history projects.

Bates College Oral History Project - This project collected oral histories from people involved with the College throughout its history. It was led by an oral historian and librarian, supported by students. Transcripts are available on the website.

Baylor University Institute for Oral History - The Institute has collected over 6000 interviews since its founding in 1970. Full transcripts are available in the database.

The Dartmouth Vietnam Project - This project was carried out by undergraduate students trained by Dartmouth faculty. Alumni and community members were interviewed about their experiences with the Vietnam War. Transcripts and audio recordings are available.

Kent State Shootings Oral Histories - This project, carried out by the Special Collections and Archives department at KSU, focuses on the reactions of students and community members to the May 4th, 1970 shootings. Transcripts and audio recordings are available.

Natick Veterans Oral History Project - The Morse Institute Library uses this project to capture the firsthand accounts of men and women who have served in the US armed forces. Videos and audio recordings are available.

Smith College Oral Histories Online - The College has several oral history projects that focus on different topics: alumnae, repductive health, voices of feminism, etc. Videos and transcripts are available.

The Southern Oral History Program Database - This program, established in 1973, compiles oral histories on the lives of American Southerners who have "made significant contributions to various fields of human endeavor." Audio recordings and transcripts are available.

StoryCorps - This nonprofit organization conducts interviews with a variety of people on a variety of topics. Their mission centers around making connections and fostering compassion. Videos are available.

Texas Tech University - The Vietnam Center and Archive - This project, established in 1999, aims to maintain a record of war in Southeast Asia via oral histories. Transcripts and audio recordings are available.