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Student Success Workshop Series: Home


Technical Requirements

Internet Access:



  • Webcams are not required, but you are welcome to use.
  • Microphone are not required, but you are welcome to use.


Online Workshop Sessions


Make Google Work for You

Curious how to better use Google? Learn how to use advanced search techniques to strengthen your research skills. 

25 minute online session.



Feb. 9th 10:00-10:25am


April 22nd 10:00-10:25am

Getting Real about Fake News-

How do we know what’s REAL and what’s FAKE news?  Learn how to evaluate sources to determine trustworthiness.

25 minute online session.



Feb. 18th 1:00-1:25pm 


April 19th 7:00-7:25pm


Learn about Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources-

What is the difference between primary and secondary sources?  What role does tertiary sources play in the research cycle? Learn how to best use them in your research.

25 minute online session.



Feb. 24th 7:00-7:25pm 

March 30th 1:00-1:25pm

Coming Up with a Research Question-

Learn the difference between a good topic and a bad topic. Develop skills to design your best research question.

25 minute online session.



March 2nd 1:00-1:25pm 

March 23rd 7:00-7:25pm

How to Read a Scholarly Article-

Confused about reading academic articles in your discipline? Learn the tips and tricks to reading and understanding scholarly literature.

25 minute online session



March 10th 7:00-7:25pm &


April 8th 1:00-1:25pm



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Sara Klink

Assistant Library Director

Stark State College


Office phone: 330-494-6170 Ext: 5449

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Melissa Bauer

Online Learning Librarian

Kent State University at Stark


Office phone: 330-244-3320